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Dive into a world where luxury meets innovation. Core Auction is not just an auction platform—it’s a revolution in skincare distribution. Whether you’re managing seasonal overstock, launching a limited edition, or seeking an expansive new audience, we have curated a unique space that respects the integrity of premium skincare brands while offering unparalleled reach and flexibility.

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Why Partner with Core Auction?

Collaborating with us means optimizing inventory, enhancing brand perception, and engaging a global audience that values premium skincare, all while maintaining absolute control over your brand’s narrative and value. Experience a partnership where luxury meets strategy, and where every product finds its perfect audience.

Optimized Inventory Management

Convert your overstocked items into opportunities. Our platform is designed to ensure your products find a home, maximizing ROI and supporting sustainable business practices.

Brand Enhancement

Auctions create buzz. By showcasing your products on Core Auction, you not only ensure sales but also heighten brand awareness and desirability.

Diverse Audience Engagement

Reach skincare enthusiasts, industry professionals, and businesses alike. Our platform hosts a global audience, providing you a stage to expand your brand reach without significant upfront investments.

Control & Integrity

We understand the importance of brand image, especially in the luxury sector. Auctioning ensures you retain control over your brand’s narrative and value perception.

Data & Insights

We understand the importance of brand image, especially in the luxury sector. Auctioning ensures you retain control over your brand’s narrative and value perception.


Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome consignments. To discuss details or start the process, contact our dedicated team, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Partnering with us allows you to efficiently liquidate overstock, reach a broad audience of skincare enthusiasts, and ensure your products find a new home. Plus, we handle the auctioning process from start to finish.

Our expert team assesses the market value, demand, and product quality to determine a competitive starting bid, ensuring both value for our bidders and fair returns for your products.

If products don’t meet the reserve price or don’t sell, we’ll discuss potential re-listing in future auctions or explore other suitable arrangements tailored to your preferences.

Post-auction, once payment from winning bidders is confirmed, we process payments to consignors promptly. Payment details, including the method and timeline, will be discussed and agreed upon during the consignment process.

Yes. Our reputation hinges on offering genuine, high-quality products. We perform thorough checks and expect consignors to provide genuine items. This protects both our bidders and our partnering businesses.

We have dedicated facilities to store consigned products safely. When an item sells, our team efficiently handles shipping to the winning bidder, ensuring product integrity.

Yes, there are consignment fees, which are utilized to support and enhance our auction platform, ensuring maximal visibility and reach for your products. Detailed fee structures will be provided when discussing consignment terms.

Begin Your Journey with Core Auction

Embarking on this collaboration is more than a business decision; it’s a step towards reshaping the future of luxury skincare distribution. We are committed to ensuring a seamless, beneficial, and growth-oriented partnership for all our consignors.

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